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High Velocity Oxy-Fuel Spraying (HVOF)

In HVOF spraying process, the pressure in the combustion chamber of the spraying gun is increased to generate high-speed flame comparable to detonative combustion flame. The powder materials are feed and melted, or half-melted in the flame jet stream, then accelerated and continuously sprayed at supersonic speed. 


This process allows the formation of coating with extremely high density and high bonding strength. Compared with detonation spraying, HVOF coating has more homogeneous characteristic for its continuous formation process, and exerts more effectively in forming wear resistant coatings with carbide cermets.


  • Mirrored-Surface Roll for Film Production Line
  • Sink Roll
  • Aircraft Parts
  • Hydroelectric Turbine
  • Rice Cooking Line


Wire Flame Spraying


Wire flame spraying process uses metals and alloys in wire form as its spraying materials, and combustion flame or electric arc as its heat source. The molten materials are sprayed onto the surface of the subject to form the coating. All metals and alloys in wire form are available for the material, such as copper, bronze, stainless steel, high carbon steel, molybdenum and low melting point metals including aluminum, Zinc and others.


Characteristics of wire flame spraying process coatings

  • The subjects to be sprayed are not affected by high temperature, which keeps the dimensional stability and morphological stability, causes no cracks, no strength reduction.
  • The coating with broad range of its thickness is available. 
  • The coating contains harder particles than those of original materials and hard ingredients including metal oxide, nitride, carbide and etc., which provide high level of wearing resistance.


  • Drum

Examples of Products


Hydraulic device Cylinder rod durability test results

  • Hard chrome plating (Conventional specification)
  • Hard carbide plating (Conventional specification)
  • Tungsten Carbide of Thermal Spray

Surface Modification

Achievable Function by Thermal Spraying

Thermal spray can provide you a longer service life, higher efficiency and cost reduction and help to achieve the higher quality ever.
Moreover, thermal spray is able to add other functions onto the surface of substrate directly


Service Machinings

1. Bolster

2. Mold

3. Base

4. Base

5. Common Plate

5. Common Plate