Industries in KIIC Suryacipta Karawang That Connected To Thermal Spray Coating Service

What are industries in KIIC Suryacipta Karawang that connected to thermal spray coating service? Welcome to official site of PT Tocalo Surface Technology Indonesia. Yes we brought to you a service that provide thermal coating technologies.

Thermal spray coating is a coating process using a powder coating or other material to coat a surface. The coating material is melted into droplets, sprayed onto the surface at high speed, and then applied to metal substrates. The process is known by plasma spraying, high velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF), flame spraying, and spray welding. Thermal spray coating technology is used on many rotating and moving machine parts, such as automobile engines, aerospace turbines, and machine tools to improve resistance to sliding wear and corrosion, coefficient of friction, extended gear life, and thermal efficiency. 


Based on thermal spray coating research conducted on some countries in Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe, South America, and Middle East & Africa with Combustion and Electric Energy methods and ceramic oxides, carbides, metals, polymers and other powder coating materials, the thermal spray coatings market is expected to register a CAGR of over 6% during the forecast period. The market increase is mainly attributed to the widespread use of thermal spray coatings for components such as turbine blades, jet engine components, and landing gear in the aerospace industry and the increasing use of components such as transmission components and cylinders, suspension systems and engine parts in the automotive industry.

Recycling of thermally sprayed materials, increasing applications in the oil and gas industry, and improvement in aerosol technology are expected to provide numerous opportunities for factories in the calculated market. The aerospace segment held the major share, accounting for 35% of sales.

Table 1 The Scope of Research

Powder Coating Materials

·         Ceramic oxides

·         Carbides

·         Metals

·         Polymers and other powder coating  materials



·         Combustion

·         Electric energy


End-user Industry

·         Aerospace

·         Industrial gas turbins

·         Automotive

·         Electronics

·         Oil and gas

·         Medical devices

·         Energy and power

·         Other end-user industries



·         Asia Pacific

§  China

§  India

§  Japan

§  South Korea

§  Australia and New Zealand

§  Rest of Asia-Pacific


·         North America

§  United States

§  Canada

§  Mexico

§  Rest of North America


·         Europe

§  Germany

§  United Kingdom

§  Italy

§  France

§  Russia

§  Rest of Europe


·         South America

§  Brazil

§  Argentina

§  Rest of South America


·         Middle East and Africa

§  Saudi Arabia

§  South Africa

§  Rest of Middle East and Africa

Dominated by Aerospace Industry

So, what are industries in KIIC Suryacipta Karawang that connected to thermal spray coating service? Read this blog carefully. In the aerospace industry, thermal spray coatings are widely used as protective coatings to protect aircraft parts and repair worn parts. Thermal spray coatings usage on aircraft gas turbines offers several benefits, including improved fouling resistance, corrosion resistance, improved thermal efficiency, reduced nitrogen oxide (NOX) emissions, engine group and longer thermal resistance and service life longer of the components. Thermal sprays are coated on piston rings, jet engine crankshafts, valves, cylinders, etc. Widely used for these parts. It is used in many objectives. It is also used to cover the landing gear (landing gear bearing and shaft) to withstand forces during landing and takeoff.

Most of the initial accusations used to produce aircraft parts and equipment are excellent in oxidation, but have no resistance to corrosion and erosion. Aerospace components are subject to solid environment, solid heat, pressure and polishing chemicals. Heat sports play an important role in protecting expensive motor components by prolonging the lifespan of components and increasing productivity rocket, aluminim, zirconium, cobalt-molibden, compressor air gaskets and high pressure pounds for heat spray. Chromium carbide, cobalt chromium, and aluminium oxide coatings are also applied on turbine turbine vanes, air seals, and fuel nozzles.

Plasma spray processes and High velocity flame fuel spray (HVOF) are the most commonly used method in this sector. Boeing projects the aerospace industry to grow steadily between 2016 and 2036, with global aircraft growing by 3.5% (see next chart) and air traffic growing by about 4.7%. Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa is expected to grow in the near future due to the increase in investment in transport infrastructure, airline customers, and rising consumer incomes. All those factors are expected to drive thermal spray coatings consumption of aerospace industry during the forecast time. Automobile production in 2018 raised by 8% compared to 2017 based on the International Organization of Automobile Manufacturers (OICA).

High-performance ceramic coatings are applied to auto engine parts to improve fuel economy. Physical properties such as high temperature resistance protect the component from oxidation. This factor is expected to raise thermal spray coatings demand. Once the thermal spray coating has been applied, it is often difficult to tell how well the coating has absorbed except by visual assessment. In addition, thermal spray coatings require very expensive equipment, which can lead to high initial installation costs. These factors limit the use of thermal spray coatings, especially in the medical field.

Figure 1 Thermal Spray Coating Global Industry 2020

North America Applies Service The Most

North Amerika has offered the largest regional market for heat sprays around the world. As the demand for competitive costs, all industrial rules and standards increase, the United States is expected to remain an important market for heat sprays in the region. The United States is the second world greatest automobiles manufacture. The country's automobile production saw solid growth through 2016. However, the total domestic automobile production in 2018 recorded 1,1314,705 units, an increase of 1.1% compared to 2017.
Additionally, strong exports of aerospace components to countries such as Germany, France, and China and consumer spending in the US will expand manufacture works in the aerospace industry. The total commercial aircraft fleet will reach 7,397 in 2018, 2018 and 2018 based on the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Moreover, major US airlines are expected to add 54 aircraft per year as their existing fleets age. 
Canada's aerospace industry contributed approximately $25.5 billion to Canada's gross domestic product (GDP) in 2018. Canada's aerospace industry exports more than 70% production to more than 190 countries on six continents. Those factors will raise thermal spray coatings demand.

Figure 2 Thermal Spray Coating Growth By Region


To sum up, the global thermal spray coating market size includes flame spraying, arc spraying, plasma spraying, HVOF, and others. It is divided. The growth of the automotive, civil aircraft and heavy machinery, military and aerospace industries have led to increased use of thermal spray coating technology. On the basis of material, the global market is segmented into ceramics, metals and alloys, plastics and composites, supplied in powder or wire structure, heated to a liquid or semi-molten state and coated with micrometric particles on a substrate. The global thermal spray paint market is segmented in nature and the competition among the top players for the largest share of the global market is fierce. Most market leaders are vertically integrated and their extensive portfolio of materials and equipment enhance the entire thermal spray paint market. TOCALO plays in 5 major players in global market. 
Global thermal spray coating market size includes flame thermal spray, arc thermal spray, plasma thermal spray, HVOF, etc. Growth in the automotive, aerospace, and heavy equipment, as well as civil and military aviation industries has increased the use of thermal spray coating technology. Based on material, the global market is segmented into ceramics, metals and alloys, plastics and composites, supplied as powder or wire, heated to a liquid or semi-molten state and coated with micrometric particles on a substrate.

So, what are industries in KIIC Suryacipta Karawang that connected to thermal spray coating service? All of you, you who stay in around Karawang Industrial Areas, or even in Bekasi Ckarang or more!

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